Welcome to my site!
My name is Alyssa and I am 23 years young.

Born and raised in Massillon, Ohio
with my parents and brother, Alex.
Now, I live and work in Cleveland, Ohio.

My Bachelor's degree is from
Bowling Green State University in
Two Dimensional Studies and Arts Management. 

I am currently pursuing a Master's Degree in
Arts Administration as a full-time Graduate Assistant at the University of Akron. I also am a
Visual Art Instructor at the Beck Center For the Arts.

Being a Freelance Artist will always be a part of my life in addition to my career as an Arts Administrator!

Impressionistic style is my thing! 
Abstract work keeps my mind flowing, and I love it!
Check it out:  GALLERY

For a few years, I taught Pilates/Yoga! I was also a college cheerleader..so I appreciate all things fitness related!

When I'm not doing art or working, you'll find me by the lake fishing! I love Jesus and a big ol' cup of Dunkin Donuts coffee!

In my BLOG , I write about some random advice and things that I hope will help other artists/mid twenties people like me  :)

Thank you for visiting! Hope to be hearing from you!

Photos by Khoa Truong
Art info to know: 

+ I use a wide variety of painting and drawing mediums.
Resin, watercolor, oil, encaustic to name a few.

+ The most common question asked: What is your "price"?

    Material cost + time spent + size + shipping  = your price

+ Best way to reach me is through my CONTACT page.

+ Willing to deliver in person or schedule a meeting point to avoid shipping costs if the trip is reasonable